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Laura Ann FanelliLaura Fanelli


As kitchen commander of The Veggie Table, young American chef Laura Fanelli is already a venerable ‘Old China Hand’, initiated in the depths of Hubei Province to the nuts and bolts of living and working in China. How, otherwise, could anyone be so successful in opening Beijing’s first globally-influenced vegan restaurant, and in sourcing local organic produce to concoct the best hummus east of Beirut — among other feats? Laura will be telling us about the challenges and rewards of starting this daring gastronomic and ecological venture in the heart of the Beijing megalopolis.


作为吃素的餐厅的创始人和主厨,若兰去过许多国家学习和研究素食美食。想要知道她是如何成功地创办北京第一家具有多国烹饪风格的素食餐厅,特别是如何将北 京当地当季的有机食材制作成具有各国风味的菜肴吗?若兰会向我们分享她在开创这样一家具有绿色环保和创新美食理念的餐厅中,所经历的挑战和迎来的收获。

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